Learn-to-Read Storybooks Series 2 – TE REO EDITION - all six readers in one set

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Get your set of all six series 2 SPCA readers for your classroom, or to give to family and friends.

Includes one copy each of:

  • Toni Te Poni Whakangahau (Toni the Party Pony) – 6.5yrs 7yrs (Light Blue/Turquoise)
    Toni the Pony was exhausted. Week after week, Toni travelled from party to party and fair to fair, plodding in circles. That was up until Sammy and her Dad met Toni...
  • Ka Tiki Miraka a Whaea Wigglesworth (Mrs Wigglesworth Gets the Milk)  7yrs 7.5yrs (Purple)
    Dulcie was found mooing sadly, alone and forgotten, on a small farm in the hills, until she was brought to the SPCA where the kind Mrs Wigglesworth helps out. Will she bring Dulcie home?
  • E Oho, Drongo! (Wake Up, Drongo!)  7yrs 7.5yrs (Purple)
    Pirate the parakeet lives a lonely, boring life in a small cage. Will his dream to join the birds outside ever come true?
  • Ko Barney me te Hipi Kore Ingoa (Barney and the Sheep With No Name)  7.5yrs 8yrs (Gold)
    Barney, an SPCA Inspector, has been called to rescue a trapped sheep, who won't let himself be rescued! 
  • Ka oti i a Guzzler te mahi (Guzzler Does the Job) – 7.5yrs 8yrs (Gold)
    Guzzler is a tiny, orphaned piglet who is found by a family. The kids and mum are keen to keep Guzzler but dad isn't so sure...
  • Te Oraiti a Garry te Pirikoti (Gary the Goat's Escape)  8yrs - 8.5yrs (Silver)
    Garry the goat's day had begun as usual with him chained to a fence beside a country road. However, it soon takes an exciting turn!

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