Learn-to-Read Storybooks Series 1 – all six readers in one set

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Get your set of the first six SPCA readers for your classroom, or to give to family and friends.

Includes one copy each of:

  • The Mouse at the Mall – 6.5yrs–7yrs (Light Blue/Turquoise)
    A girl and her mother go to the mall to buy shoes. They leave with a shoebox with a toilet roll and a mouse inside. What will happen next?
  • The Problem with Sione’s Spaghetti - 7yrs – 7.5yrs (Purple)
    Sione’s pet rabbit has a problem. Sione’s solution involves a pack of raging rhinos, but will it work?
  • Storm Gets a New family - 7yrs – 7.5yrs (Purple)
    Storm used to spend his days chained to kennel till his life was changed by a bolt of lightning and a girl with friendly eyes.
  • The Smooth Movers’ Club - 7.5yrs – 8yrs (Gold)
    A boy and his father want their move to the city to go smoothly for their cat Noah. It does, until Muscles, the fearsome neighbourhood tomcat, turns up.
  • Pumpkin Pie and Pavlova - 7.5yrs – 8yrs (Gold)
    Mrs Melling likes pumpkin pie and pavlova much more than she likes Mr Watkins or his hens. Will Mr Watkins find a way to change that?
  • Sam and Charlie Love Pudding - 8yrs – 8.5yrs (Silver)
    When the abandoned cat who lives under the sports shed at their school gets into trouble, Sam and Charlie have to act.

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